I’m not one of those writers who’s been scribbling down stories since I could hold a pencil. I didn’t read constantly growing up (blasphemy, I know!), and I can still be found in public without a book tucked into my purse (again with the blasphemy!).

I am, however, the kind of writer who lives for the imaginative spark that introduces me to a new character or story idea that pushes me to turn everyday life into something magical.


I am the author of the women’s fiction novels THE SECRET INGREDIENT OF WISHES (Thomas Dunne/St. Martin’s Press, 2016), and DREAMING IN CHOCOLATE (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2018). I have a B.F.A. in creative writing from The University of North Carolina - Wilmington. I live and write near Wilmington, NC with my husband, Mark, and our literary-named cat.


Aside from writing, I obsess over swoony fictional boys and baked goods and watch quirky TV shows, most of which got canceled way before their time (and I have a wax lion to prove it!).


You can find me on Twitter at @SBCrispell.

Proud member of the Tall Poppy Writers.

Photo Credit: Belinda Keller